Autumn Beauty Looks

It’s pumpkin spiced latte and party season!

Ah, the feeling of Autumn… the days are shorter, the air is
crisper, the winter coats are coming out and we are here for the cosy vibes!

The best part about this year’s Autumn beauty trends is there is a look for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for practical everyday ease or you are re-energised for the new season and ready to take on a dramatic new switch-up, we have scoured the beauty kingdom to bring you our key Autumn favourites.



As party season is ahead of us, red lipstick is a staple in almost all our makeup bags. It’s a classic that works for just about everyone. Thankfully it’s going nowhere this Autumn, but we are adding a fresh twist to it - try layering the Wunderkiss Satin Lip Oil over the top for a pop of gloss!



Gold eyeshadow has always gotten a bad rep, but this year it’s back with a viral bang! TikTok is showing us how to wear a minimalised version in the form of ‘The Graphic’ eyeliner. This is a futuristic edgy trend, bring out your inner artist and use our Super-Stay liner in Metallic Gold to draw on some funky eyelid shapes.



Finally, our personal fave, the worn-in party look. The clean girl aesthetic would shudder in her boots! This look entails a lot of black eyeliner with little to no precision and which is then smudged out using an eye brush, so you get the ‘I’ve slept in my make-up look’. Use our All-Over Eye brush and Super-Stay Liner in Black for perfect smudged-out eyes – Ready for those days you can’t quite muster up the energy for a full make-up look. 

Give it a go and share your makeup looks with us @wunderbrow. Shop each product below:

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