Eyebrow Hair Loss

Wunderbrow for sparse or no eyebrows

With or without makeup, eyebrows are the building blocks to your face and have the ability to completely lift and change a face shape. So whether you wear makeup or not #itsthebrows that are key in any beauty routine to give you the confidence to take on any day ahead.

For most of us, we worry about achieving the perfect brow shape, potentially our brows thinning due to age or the drastic change of various trends (the overplucking era of the nineties and noughties). All of these things affect our confidence hugely. But in certain cases, people suffer with extreme hair loss due to a variety of factors, which none of us can really understand unless we personally go through it ourselves.

We sat down with dancer Emily Alice Smith, who lives with Alopecia, in a Conversation series interview to hear her personal story…


Emily went through Alopecia about six years ago and she shares her personal experience of what it was like to wake up one day without eyebrows and eyelashes, and how this drastically affected her confidence. Learning how to accept herself and love herself wholeheartedly, and trying to ignore what people might think or say.

Sometimes she likes to wear a wig and is able to adapt her look by choosing a different colour wig and is able to match her eyebrows to this shade, using the Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel. 

What other factors cause Eyebrow Hair Loss? 

Some people can experience hair loss affecting their eyebrows and eyelashes due to normal lifestyle factors and some are more extreme. Take a look at some common causes below:


1. Hormonal Hair Loss

Hormonal imbalances can sometimes affect hair loss including eyebrow hair loss, these can be experienced during pregnancy and childbirth. Sometimes some thyroid diseases can affect hair production in the body too due to hormone imbalance. 


2. Stress Related Hair Loss

Stress affects us all in many ways, extreme levels of stress can sometimes cause the hair on the body to fall out and in some cases this may inhibit hair regrowth. Common stresses include diseases, recovering from an illness, major life stresses including job loss, divorce etc. 


3. Post Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy Hair Loss

A common reason for severe hair loss on the body and face is down to cancer treatments like Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. This is due to the fact that these treatments target rapidly growing cells, which damage hair follicles which in turn makes hair fall out. 


4. Skin Conditions Causing Hair Loss

There are also a few common skin conditions that can cause hair loss on the body and eyebrows, such as Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis. Each of these conditions affect the skin, which can result in itchy, flaking skin that can stop healthy hair growth in that affected area such as the eyebrows. 


5. Alopecia Hair Loss

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease that causes patchy hair loss anywhere on your body. There are different classifications of alopecia, not all people lose all their hair across the head and body but this is in most severe cases. In terms of hair loss and regrowth, it is very specific to each individual. It can grow back in some cases, but it can also fall out again at a later stage.

Best brow makeup for eyebrow hair loss?

Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel for sparse or no eyebrows

The original long-lasting eyebrow gel that gives you natural looking, fuller, waterproof eyebrows for days. This award-winning bestseller is trusted by millions around the world.

This long lasting eyebrow gel tints, fills and thickens your brows with a result that can last for days. It’s entirely waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof, which is why this is an international best-seller. It comes with a mini sized dual ended, angled precision brush and spoolie brush. Together with the in-built applicator, these three brushes guarantee easy and effortless application. 

Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel is often used to make sparse or thinning brows appear fuller. However, it can also be used to draw on eyebrows if you have little to no hair at all, but the application process is slightly different. We recommend using the dual precision brush that comes with the Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel. Firstly use the flat angled side of the brush to outline and draw the desired brow shape. Once you are happy with the shape, draw on small hair-like strokes with the angled brush. You may want to soften the brow look slightly by using the spoolie end, brushing through where the brows are.

It’s vegan and cruelty-free. In addition to being FREE of parabens, oils, talc, and silicones. 

Available in 6 shades; Blonde, Taupe-Grey, Brunette, Auburn, Black Brown and Jet Black. 

How to use it?


Make sure your brows are dry and free from oils or creams before applying; this will help Wunderbrow do what it does best: fill out your brows and last through it all!


Take some product onto the angled end of the dual precision brush, now included with every Wunderbrow! Fill in any gaps and create the brow shape you're looking for.


With the spoolie end of your brush, soften and groom brows, brushing product evenly through the brows. Add more product if you feel that more coverage is needed.


To remove Wunderbrow, apply an oil-based cleanser directly over your eyebrows and softly massage until the gel has gone, and rinse (or just use Wundercleanse, it's perfect!).

You can read more about how to apply this product effectively here - https://www.wunderbrow.co.uk/pages/its-the-brows

This blog post is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Consult your doctor for any medical concerns. We are not responsible for any actions taken based on this information.

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