FIX IT Brow Lamination Effect Gel
FIX IT Brow Lamination Effect Gel
FIX IT Brow Lamination Effect Gel
FIX IT Brow Lamination Effect Gel
FIX IT Brow Lamination Effect Gel
FIX IT Brow Lamination Effect Gel
FIX IT Brow Lamination Effect Gel
FIX IT Brow Lamination Effect Gel
FIX IT Brow Lamination Effect Gel


Brow Lamination Effect Gel

WHAT IS IT? An extreme hold styling gel for a lifted, laminated look

WHY WE LOVE IT? Long-lasting hold for up to 16H

BEST FOR: Thick, Unruly or Shapeless Brows

The Good Stuff

long lasting
long lasting
on the go
on the go
paraben free
paraben free
cruelty free
cruelty free


Get the laminated brow look. Perfect for instantly lifting, sculpting, and setting unruly brows.

The extreme hold formula lifts, sculpts, and sets your brows for up to 16 hours without residue, flaking, or stiffness. The semi-solid clear gel formula works for all skin tones and brow types, allowing you to easily groom and shape your hair. Apply it with the included dual-ended applicator for a brushed-up, strong brow look that instantly lifts your eyes.

    Why do we love it?
  • Sets hair instantly for up to 16H hold
  • Achieve salon-worthy brows without the salon price tag
  • Comes with a dual-ended styling brush for easy application
  • Works alongside your favourite brow filling products
  • Travel friendly


Is it long lasting?
Yes, it sets brows in place for up to 16H with smudge, sweat and water-resistance.
Is it waterproof?
No, it is water-resistant but not waterproof, this means it’s able to resist water to some degree, such as light rain.
Can you use it on its own?
Yes absolutely! For quick, lifted-looking brows, wear Fix It on its own as a setting gel. For more definition, wait for it to dry then apply your favourite filling products such as Wunderbrow Original Gel or Micro-Sculpt Refillable Brow Pencil over the top to fill in any gaps.
What’s the difference between Fix It and Clear Brow Gel?
Fix it is our extreme hold styling gel ideal for creating sculpted, laminated looking brows. Clear Brow Gel is the perfect everyday brow gel to set brows in place with a natural, groomed, feathery look.
Do I need to wet the brush or spray Fix It before applying?
No, Fix It is a semi solid texture that doesn’t require water to activate, you can use it straight from the pot.
I have no brow hairs, is it suitable for me?
Fix It is designed to be brushed through brow hair, if you have no brow hairs you don’t need this product, instead we would recommend our Wunderbrow Original Gel to create and fill your brow shape.
The spoolie doesn’t fit in the pot very well, how is best to use it?
We recommend bending your spoolie to a 90-degree angle so you can fit it perfectly in the pot, then roll the spoolie into the lid so you get an even coating of product onto it.

How to Use

Step 1
Using the dual ended brush included, swipe the spoolie end into the formula wiping off any excess onto the side of the pot.
Step 2
Starting at the front, comb the product through clean brows. For a natural, groomed finish, brush in the direction of hair growth, for a laminated look, brush upwards and outwards.
Step 3
Sculpt your arch and tail as desired, use the angled brush end for extra precision and shaping.
Step 4
For the ultimate laminated look, use the silver part of the brush and gently push your brows against your skin. Can be applied over or under brow filling products for extra definition.


Pro Tip

"For a laminated brow look use a spoolie to brush this through brows and stick down the hairs to the skin using your finger."

- Stacey Lincoln, Wunderbrow Makeup Ambassador

Love it!
Finally a product that stops my eyebrows doing their own thing! I’m very happy with it!
- Janet G.

“The best brow gel I have ever used. It feels super light and smooth and gives me that long lasting hold I need all day. I don't need to top up and feel super confident. ”
Suze F